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Prógono means pioneer in old Portuguese.
An homage to contemporary pioneers who discover new worlds.



This is about enthusiasm or rather, enthusiastic people.

People who have acquired their expertise with pleasure.

Diego Hebling and Anna Sanz founded Prógono Studio in 2011. They graduated in Architecture from the PUC School in Campinas Brazil and Civil Engineering from the UPC in Barcelona Spain and afther few years formed the studio.

Both families of designers have a part of its story dedicated to creativity and handcrafted.

On the one hand Diego's great-grandfather, who emigrated in the 50s from Spain to Brazil, country where and has perpetuated the tradition of baskets and bags of straw that he had learned with his ancestors; On the other hand Anna's mother who has left his small town to move to Barcelona to work in haute couture fur coats atelier in the 70s. Both could have been met and shared its experiences but them never could imagine that his great-grandson and daughter would work together sharing what they had learned with them. They have worked together since 2009 in architecture, urban projects and fashion between São Paulo and Barcelona. In 2011 they moved permanently to Barcelona, acquiring skills in architecture, design and the leather industry. From the beginning of their partnership, excellence and challenge are constant search in every project they do.

They have become contemporary cultural pioneers who are slowly revolutionizing common preconceptions about the distinct realms of design and art.


Prógono Studio often reference the Japanese Architect Tadao Ando aesthetic ideals and the french designer Pierre Cardin space age futurism in their practice as they seek and move toward the clearest and most profound expression of the stories and mythologies with which they engage and bring to life.

Prógono studio’s work is in the true spirit of the new future where techniques are interchanged and were disciplines are disregarded towards creation of the new, where ideas and imagery are appropriated with ease regardless of geographic or conceptual boundaries and repurposed into something new, where culture, spirituality and aesthetics converge in one cacophonous space, and where production and craftsmanship yield one-of-a-kind and never-before-seen objects and environments that bridge art and design occupying and redefining the gray area in between.

At once highly specific and yet entirely universal, personally expressive and yet experimental, Prógono Studio is crafting a body of work that draws upon classical, popular and contemporary design and visual art. The symbolism and iconography that Prógono Studio creates is heraldic and regal. As sleek as the work can be, it is also instinctual and almost primal. Prógono Studio likes to call their style ‘New Futurism’ as evidenced by the perfectionism and uniqueness that have become one of the studio’s defining features. Diego Hebling often speaks of the work by referencing a symphony orchestra, aligning their process of creation with the way that a cohesive piece of music is created from an abundance of different sounds. Again Diego reminds us that each of the parts is of equal importance as it lends itself to the creation of the totality, or the universal artwork.

The studio itself includes collaborations with traditional craftsmen and contemporary industrial professionals from makers and painters to specialists in leather and 3D printing all of whom work to realize Prógono Studio designs in whatever final form may be required. The flexibility of application and realization frees the studio from the confines of any one particular medium and allows for the artwork to speak for itself on an aesthetic and conceptual level prior independent of its physicality. Personal and Almost Baroque in their approach and simple in the details, Prógono studio heralds a new moment in the current conversation about the definition (or lack thereof between the disciplines.) Contrary to contemporary ambivalence towards the decorative arts, Prógono Studio is revolutionizing perceptions of the genre, allowing for the opulence, ornamentation and intricacy of their designs while at the same they remain committed to a high level of craftsmanship. As maximalists in motto and motivation, Prógono Studio allows for fiction and story to lead and to generate new visual environments.

For them seems super important to keep the traditions, know how they work, so as to translate this to present.








Prógono Studio offer differentiation within a range of disciplines like product design, strategic design, consulting, and creative direction, finding the best solution to clients, taking time to listen and understand the project to offer innovation and open new ways.

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